The Amar Kabal are a Wizard Born Race created by Eldrin who are able to live multiple lifetimes. They have an amar or "seed" on the back of their necks that, when they die, dislodges from their neck and plants itself in the ground, and regenerates them. They start again at the age they were before their First Death, a ceremony normally performed at the age of twenty. They tie their hair around their necks to protect and conceal their amar. Sometimes when a seed becomes defective, it may cause the Amar Kabal to lose their ability to regenerate after replanting. The Amar Kabal dwell in the Seven Vales.

The Amar Kabal are a cautious and prudent people. These traits are often attributed to their long lifespans.

There are two Amar Kabal mentioned in the first book. Jasher and Drake fight against Maldor, and they both assisted Jason and Rachel on their journey.

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