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"Not bad."
— April Knudsen

April Knudsen was one of the two girls who Jason Walker had a secret crush on (the other being Jen Miller). April had a fraternal twin named Holly Knudsen. However, they were not very much alike.


April was said to be prettier and more studious than her twin sister Holly.


April went to Kennedy Middle School along with Jason. April was also in three of Jason's honors classes, one of them being biology.

A World Without Heroes

While Jason was at the batting cages with Matt and Tim, April and Holly Knudsen came into the cages. April noticed that Jason was holding his biology textbook, and quizzed him on the name of the cheekbone, the zygomatic arch. While Jason was batting, he turned around and saw April watching her sister enter the fast-pitch fastball cage, causing a baseball to hit Jason on the side of his helmet, causing him to fall to the ground.