Aram is a half giant, the only one of his kind. He was a mercenary for hire, but had been many other things throughout his life, including a pirate and a smuggler. His mother was a human and his father a giant.

Jason finds Aram at the Dockside Inn after a recommendation from Tark. At night, Aram is around seven feet tall, as Jason describes him as taller than him and Jason is 6 feet tall. At dawn he shrinks to about 4 feet tall. He is first mentioned in Seeds of Rebellion. Tark tells Jason he would be an excellent body guard. He is extremely strong. He joins Jason along with Ferrin, Galloran, Rachel, Tark, Nedwin, and Drake. He proves essential in many ways, including when Rachel, Nedwin, Corinne, and the others are escaping Ebera, by destroying more than a quarter of the walking dead. He is also one of the three people alive (Jason and Corinne are the other two) to have crossed swords with Groddic (the Wanderer) and lived.

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