The rules here at the Beyonders Wiki are simple.

  • No vandalism. Any edit that is clearly intended to harm rather than help is prohibited and will result in an initial ban of one to three days, at the admin's discretion. Editing other users' profiles is not allowed. If the offense is especially bad (i.e., swearing, inappropriate content, or multiple cases of vandalism), it will result in a ban of at least a week, perhaps more.
  • No swearing. This includes comments, blog posts, and user profiles. If the user has an account, they will receive a warning, and if the swearing is not removed, there will be an edit made by the admin. Repeat offenses will result in a ban, the length of which is at the admin's discretion.
  • No bullying. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and while you are allowed to discuss differing ideas in a friendly manner, attacking the person is not allowed. A ban could result at the admin's discretion.
  • Don't create pointless articles. Articles for characters with no canon name should be avoided, as should articles for real-world things or places.
  • No fanfiction or fan-created characters in the article namespace. That's what blogs are for.
  • Name images when uploading. Don't leave the title of an image as gibberish or non-specific text. Give the image a name that describes it accurately in as few words as possible.
  • Uploading obscene or irrelevant pictures or videos is strictly prohibited. A lengthy ban will result for obscene files, and a warning and deletion will occur for non-Beyonders ones.

If you have a question or suggestion about any of these rules, please contact an admin. Thank you!