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Nedwin Nedwin 29 December 2021

Beyonders on TvTropes

Hi all,

While searching for Beyonders content, I noticed that the character section of the Beyonders TvTropes page is, to put it plainly, completely barren. I’ve been adding content here and there, but it’s a lot of work for one person. This is a shot in the dark, but maybe there are some dedicated Beyonders fans who could help fill out the page, or give ideas for character tropes? Anyways, I thought I’d ask here because it seems to have the highest level of traffic of Beyonders fans on the ‘net. Maybe it’ll reach another nerd out there who’d be interested in contributing. Thanks for reading!

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Meyay008 Meyay008 6 January 2021


I just finished Beyonders and I'm mad at Brandon Mull cuz he put CORRINE AND JASON together other than JASON AND RACHEL.

ALSO: Jason's pic is NOT how I pictured him in my head.

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ArchAngel217 ArchAngel217 22 July 2020

Don't you think Corinne and Jason belong together?

This is a place to share thoughts, argue etc. 

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Sirblockcraft Sirblockcraft 28 August 2019

Beyonders discord

this place is kind of dead so if you want to talk about beyonders please come join our discord server! We have 8 people so far and a minecraft server.

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Dystopianist Dystopianist 3 March 2019

The Author

Does Brandon Mull know he actually has this many interconnected wikis?

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Grandpa Sorenson Grandpa Sorenson 31 December 2018

Where are the torrivors from? Are they really Wizardborn? or do they come from another dimension?

We can rule out the whole 'Wizardborn' idea because in Five Kingdoms Trillian (And Rammaro) both say that they come from a Non-Material realm (Not Lyrian) Of course,  if we are going to say that they have to come from a world in the Brandon Mull universe we have a few options: Earth, Lyrian, The Outskirts, The Echolands, and The Other. We have already ruled out Lyrian, and for similar reasons, we can also rule out Earth and The Outskirts. This leaves us with The Echolands and The Other. While it is most likely that they don't come from a Brandon Mull world, we still have to check. We probably need to rule out The Echolands because there are not torrivors even though it is not physical and Cole can use his powers to do things similar to wha…

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Monsunogirl Monsunogirl 18 January 2012


Hello, so as you may see, I have been making major chages to this wiki. And I was wondering if I could become bureaucrat. I may become it before anybody sees this, but I am making this just in case. I hate seeing wikis that only have a couple pages when they could have a couple thousand! :D Monsunogirl 05:47, January 18, 2012 (UTC)

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