The canopy cobra is a snake found in the trees of the Sunken Lands. Its venom induces a type of haze. For the duration of the haze, the victim has a hyper-sensitive memory, able to recall the slightest thing with the utmost clarity. However, the affected cannot help but talk aloud and ramble about everything they think of. Nedwin collected small doses of the canopy cobra venom and used it to recover most of Galloran's lost memories.

In the Felrook Dungeons, Jason was a victim of the canopy cobra. It chased him around his small cell until it eventually succeeded in biting him. Jason fell unconscious, and when he awoke, he was questioned by Damak. They used the cobra venom to discover how Jason had discovered the second syllable from Kimp, as well as other information. The venom allowed Jason to remember far more than he could normally - even though he had spoken the Word previously, and doing so had erased the Word from his mind, he was able to remember and speak the Word aloud to Damak under the effects of the venom.

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