Certius was one of the three major figures at the end of the Age of Wizards that were regarded as the only true masters of the high Edomic tongue. While Eldrin and Zokar, two other wizards, pursued their ambition to engineer the perfect race, Certius withdrew from the civilized world, content to populate the southern jungles with his creations.

Although not much is known about Certius's creations, it was known that he created an unnamed race of Treefolk, as they are called in the books, and Gibbons, which were intelligent monkey-like animals. He also created two temples, which were named Mianamon and Paggatar, and a type of gel meant to transport orantium safely. Certius spent most of his days at the temple Paggatar and dedicated it as his workspace.

Despite his neutral standing, Zokar assumed that Certius was working with Eldrin, even though it was an unlikely possibility, and sent forces south to eliminate him. They succeeded,and Certius was defeated, although his creations continued to populate the jungle long afterwards.

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