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"I never expected this."
— Corinne

Corinne was the daughter of Galloran. She lived for most of her youth in the Sunken Lands with her great-aunt, protecting the sixth syllable of the Word.

Early Life

At the age of four, Galloran sent Corinne to live with her great-aunt, Pythoness. They lived in a tree that had countless puffball mushrooms growing in and on it. As long as the puffballs' spores were inhaled, complete amnesia was induced. Thus, Corinne had two sets of memories - those she experienced outside the puffball tree, and those she experienced while inhaling the spores. She could not remember both at the same time, and while in the tree, she believed that her great-aunt was actually her mother and that Galloran was only a friend.

After the Pythoness died, Corinne lived alone for several years, until she met Jason Walker, who was in search of the sixth syllable, PUSE. Although Jason had forgotten the reason he was there (because of the puffball mushrooms), Corinne guessed the reason and told him the syllable. By taking puffball mushrooms outside, he was able to tell his companions the syllable, for he would forget it once out of range of the mushrooms. Jason had an early interest in Corinne.

A World Without Heroes

Corinne is briefly visited by Jason, who was seeking the sixth syllable of the word. After giving the syllable to him, Jason returned to the tree along with Rachel and Jasher so they could sleep. They then borrowed some of the puffballs to repel the monsters from their skiff when they left.

Seeds of Rebellion

Several months later, Corinne was rescued from her home by Nedwin and Drake, on her father's orders. Corinne helped the group throughout their subsequent travels. She is displayed throughout the book to be an expert with swords, possessing her own torivorian sword which she obtained from her father Galloran. The Oracle assigned her to Jason's quest of finding the lost Seer. She became extremely close to Jason, and was able to talk with both Galloran and Rachel telepathically.

Chasing the Prophecy

Corinne accompanies Jason, Jasher, Drake, Farfalee, Aram and Nia on their quest to find the last abode of Darian the Seer. While the rest of the group attempt to steal an imperial interceptor, the Valiant, she waits outside of Durna, and on the ship she gets horribly seasick. In the comfort of Jason's arms, she manages through. However at the Celestine Library, Nia finds a recipe for a potion to cure Corinne's seasickness. When they are seeking horses to ride to the Fuming Waste, Corinne slays a torivor who had frightened the horses. Although the torivor had no swords, she still remains to be one of only four characters to slay one. She also survives the entire quest, being one of three people to survive the fight with the Wanderer. At the end of the series, it is hinted that she might be romantically interested in Jason.