Damak was the author of Subtleties of Manipulation, as well as the father of the Loremaster and the grandfather of Chancellor Copernum. He worked as a torturer in Felrook. He was the one who tortured Nedwin for a time, as well as Jason Walker. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it can be presumed that he died in the explosion of Felrook.

Although his race is never stated directly, his grandson was a displacer, which might lead one to assume that Damak was as well. However, Damak's son, Bridonus, hated Maldor and lived peacefully at the Repository of Learning; if Bridonus was a displacer, this would be most unusual, since all displacers (except Malar) worked for Maldor. Perhaps Bridonus was a human who married a displacer woman, but that would be equally unusual. Thus, Damak's race is unknown.

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