Original Life

Darian the Seer is the owner, and writer of over 5,000 prophecies. He lived in Darvis Kur, or the Drowned City, long before the incident with Pothan the Slow. He went into the wilderness for the last days of his life. While in the wilderness, he mysteriously vanished. People searched all over Lyrian but found no trace or sign of Darian.

​Celestine Library  

Jason goes to the Celestine Library for information about the Last Abode of Darian the Seer . They find a Petruscan Scroll, and Farfalee translates it. The scroll tells them the location of Darian the Seer, and the group also takes with them a map of Lyrian.

Last Abode of Darian the Seer 

Jason finds the Last Abode of Darian the Seer, in the Fuming Waste. He finds himself in several rooms containing puzzles. He finds symbols he recognizes, like the faces of his parents and siblings, along with the logo for his baseball league. He arrives in Darian's room where he finds him dead in a casket. Shortly after giving up, he finds a prophecy written by Darian. The tome tells him that he was destined to come there, and explained that Felrook was built over top of Mount Allowat, the mountain where orantium was mined, and also explained that Orruck had taught Rachel all she needed to know to destroy Maldor, with the command for turning stone to glass, or the command for lightning, one of which he made to overthrow Zokar.

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