The Dockside Inn is an inn located in Ithilum. It houses entertainment, food and drink, and places to rest.


The Dockside Inn was described as being sprawled along the southern periphery of the warf. The door to the inn opened onto worn planks of a long dock, inside, the inn housed a spacious common room with a bar and plenty of tables. The corner of the common room held a small stage used for performances.


The Dockside Inn held a stage which was used for performances. The known performers include:

  • The Giddy Nine
  • Three Women singing Old Ingram
  • Wendil the Fantastic from Humbid preforming a song on a lyre
  • Hollick, son of Mathur playing a catchy melody on a recorder that forked into two tubes
  • A woman imitating bird calls
  • A skilled juggler acting clumsy
  • A man leading the crowd in a popular sing-along with his fiddle

Seeds of Rebellion

Upon reaching Ithilum and being escorted along the floodplain, Jason Walker headed to the Dockside Inn to meet with Aram. Upon reaching the inn, Jason ordered a room and promptly fell asleep after a tray of puckerlies, only to be awakened by performers in the common room. Jason reached the common room, listening to several performances before finding and meeting Aram. Jason asked to hire Aram's sword with the money he had received from Tark. Aram refused, but still offered to hear Jason out after he bought him some food, a triple order of sand scuttlers prepared Weych-style. After the food, Jason again fell asleep, only to be awakened again by Aram catching the thief who was stealing Jason's money. After this, Aram and Jason walked together outside, where Jason made the joke of Aram hurrying home because he would turn into a dwarf at dawn. The angered Aram, who took Jason to his home to further investigate him with his mother Moira.

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