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Drake was a member of the Amar Kabal. He was first introduced when Jason Walker met him at Harthenham, and he became an important character in the subsequent books.

Known Background

Drake was an exile of the Amar Kabal. He had tried for many lifetimes to find a purpose for living. Due to his fighting against Maldor, he was eventually offered an invitation to Harthenham, where he spent several short lifetimes of eating himself to death. Finally, after one such death, his Amar did not reform properly, so Drake knew he had only one life left. Drake joined Jason and Tark in their escape from Harthenham, along with Tristan, Nedwin's brother, who died.

Drake helped the displacer Malar, whom had betrayed Maldor, escape after being captured by Maldor as a spy had leaked their attack. They escaped from the boat holding by swimming along with a rebel named Rex. Malar lost many parts, only keeping his arm and head. Drake secretly passed off a Malar as luggage, but heard nothing more about him.

Despite a prophecy that predicted that the downfall of the Amar Kabal would come when they started using Edomic, Drake knew some practical Edomic commands, and eventually taught Rachel how to summon heat as her first Edomic command.


Drake had several siblings, though Farfalee, who was his oldest sister, is the only one ever mentioned. Farfalee is married to Jasher, and the couple had a son, Lodan.

Physical Features

He was described as having broad, flat features and dark hair.


Drake was killed in a duel with a torivor that had come to kill Jason. He and Jasher took it on, and Drake allowed it to stab him through the chest in order to grab it and give Jasher the chance to stab it through the back.

Five Kingdoms

He returned as an echo in the fourth book in Brandon Mull's Five Kingdoms series.