Drinlings are a wizardborn race created by Eldrin before his battle with Zokar. They are usually of stocky build and very strong. Their language, Ji, is very simplistic, made up of one- to two-syllable words. Most drinlings only live to be two years old, though they consider it long enough, and are described as having "eighty years of energy compressed into two." While about the size of humans, they have a coppery tint to their skin, and their eyes look more metallic than humans'.

Personality Edit

Drinlings are a brave species, made by Eldrin to have no fear of death. Nothing comes more naturally for them than dying honorably in a battle.

Abilities Edit

Drinlings have enhanced strength and high durability. They can withstand a few arrows on target and they can take down a person effortlessly. Drinlings also have enhanced stamina and can keep up with horses over a long distance. They can eat almost anything and find it delicious, except for metals, which they cannot digest. They also do not require sleep.

They build muscle very quickly; when engaged in a given activity such as running, swimming or rowing for an extended period of time, their performance improves almost immediately, within hours or days, whereas a human would require weeks or months and significant rest periods to do the same.

They are also immune to everything, including the goma worms which allows them to guard the kingdom of Ebera without becoming the undead.

Notable drinlings throughout the trilogy include the following:

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