Not to be confused with the Durnese Kingdom.

Durna is a port city located on the southern shore of the Inland Sea. Is was introduced in Chasing the Prophecy. Durna was one of many cities and kingdoms conquered by Maldor. Durna is the capital city of the Durnese Kingdom


Durna is located in East Lyrian, on the southern shore of the Inland Sea and north of the Durnese River and Hintop.


Durna is a port city on the southern shore of the Inland Sea, north of the Durnese River and Hintop, and west of the eastern ocean. Durna is a walled city more than two miles upslope from the southern coast of the Inland Sea. The buildings near the fortified waterfront were connected to the main city by a protected highway with walls around fifteen feet high. The port walls rose thirty feet high, and the walls of the city rose more than sixty feet high, the walls held a series of imposing towers. At the time of Chasing the Prophecy, the Durnese battlements were under repair. The port held three entrances, two gates of the east and west sides of the wall, the protected highway. The walls of the port extended out into the sea and encircling the harbor, leaving a narrow gap at the mouth to allow vessels to pass through. The port had a broad and busy main road leading from the gates. No buildings in the port, except for the bell towers, stood taller than three stories. The structures were low, square, and solid. The city held many inns, one of which was The Salt Sea Inn on Galley Street.


The King of Durna had surrendered to Maldor, as a result, he had his family were kept as prisoners of Maldor. the city was then controlled by a governor appointed by Maldor called Duke Ashby.

Chasing The Prophecy

Jason's half of the Delegation travels to Durna in order to find transportation to Windbreak Island. After spending many days undiscovered in hiding, they decide to hijack an interceptor, the Valiant. They also burn the Durnese waterfront. Under the captainship of Aram, the Delegation makes it (mostly) safely to Windbreak Island.

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