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"...The language of creation. Words comprehended by all matter and intellect."
Loremaster Bridonus

Edomic is the language of energy and matter within the world of Lyrian.

In The Beyond, Edomic will sound like gibberish and it will not function.


It is said that Edomic has a greater use - commanding energy matter to do one's bidding - and a lesser use - communicating with other beings.

The Greater Use

Using Edomic to command energy and matter.

  1. It can be used to set fire to things (molecular acceleration), move things, summon electricity, etc.
  2. In order to pull off the desired effect one needs to learn the Edomic commands and will the energy to obey.
  3. If a persons lands a successful command they will be rewarded with a euphoric rush. The more complicated and difficult the command, the greater the rush.
  4. However, if one were to do a series of difficult commands at once or if a command fails, they could face nausea, nosebleeds, headaches, cramps, tiredness, and death.
  5. All living beings resist Edomic tampering. For example, when Rachel was asked to set a piece of a live tree on fire, the tree had resisted and Rachel was left with the punishment of an unsuccessful command. It was also said that the more intelligent the being the more resistance they have to Edomic. It was also said that there was never a wizard that could successfully directly set a living human on fire.

The Lesser Use

Using Edomic to communicate with other beings.

  1. It can be used to give animals suggestions, to speak in silence (telepathy). It is said more than once by Rachel that suggesting things to animals in Edomic can be more tricky than the Greater Use because it requires enough will to keep the animal from ignoring it, but not too much will, otherwise the animal will resist.
  2. The type of Edomic used at Mianamon could give suggestions that could actually incapacitate people or make them do things against their will.


It is said that Edomic has a more complicated series of syllables than English and that it requires a very nimble tongue.


  • "Arimfexendrapuse" is the only Edomic word actually written within the story.
  • Maldor, Eldrin, and Arastus destroyed all of the books containing Edomic teachings, short of the books at the Celestine Library .
  • Rachel is the only known true Edomic adept within the series.
  • When listening to an Edomic conversation, even if the listener has never heard Edomic before, they will understand the true meaning of the words on a primal level.