Eldrin was a wizard. He was regarded as one of the three major figures at the end of the Age of Wizards. He once pursued his ambition to engineer the perfect race, but later labored in solitude, and refused to share his discoveries.

Eldrin had two known races. His first race were the Amar Kabal. Although he put time and care into the Amar Kabal, he also planned their eventual extinction. His so-called perfect race were the drinlings, whom he created as sacrifices in the battle against Zokar.

Eldrin refused to have any apprentices, but when Arastus betrayed Zokar, he was accepted as Eldrin's first and only apprentice. After winning the war against Zokar, Eldrin sought to destroy all information on the uses of Edomic, and succeeded in destroying all but the info contained within the Celestine Library.

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