Esmira was an Oracle located at Mianamon deep in the Southern Jungle. She gave many insightful prophecies during her time. Dying after giving her last one. Esmira was succeeded by Unlani.


Esmira gave many insightful prophecies to many people in her long lifetime. There are three known prophecies that she gave that we know of. One of these was to Galloran, telling him to begin his quest for the Word. The second was to Simeon, telling him to play with the Giddy Nine on the Telkron River at Monument Falls t o summon a hero to save Lyrian. The third was to the Delegation on how to destroy Felrook and free Lyrian from Maldor. To issue her prophecies, Esmira would encase herself in a slab of clay, hoisted with chains from a pool of minerals, liquids, and fumes. To give the prophecy to the Delegation on how to take down Maldor, Esmira heavily poisoned herself with minerals, fumes, and liquids as never before, dying after giving the prophecy.


Esmira died after issuing one last prophecy to the Delegation on how to destroy Maldor. Although the Acolytes tried to save her by cutting her from the clay, Esmira died long before they succeeded. She drooled from the mouth and her eyelids fluttered rapidly.

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