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Farfalee is one of the members of the Amar Kabal. She is one of the sitting members of the Conclave. She is quite adept in using bows. She is also one of the major characters throughout the last two novels.


Farfalee is the wife of Jasher. They have a son named Lodan. She is also the sister of Drake and the daughter of Hessit.

Seeds of Rebellion

Farfalee is first met by Jason, Rachel and their friends while they traveling to Longvale to ask the Amar Kabal for help in the rebellion. She informs them that their proposal to the conclave would be difficult, but since she was a sitting member of the conclave, she would help the best she could. The proposal passes, and Farfalee accompanies the group on their trip to Mianamon. During their pass through Ebera, Farfalee demonstrates significant ability with a bow while dealing with the undead citizens.

Later, when they arrive at Mianamon, Farfalee is told to accompany Jason's group in their quest to find the last abode of Darian the Seer.

Chasing the Prophecy

During their mission to capture the Valiant, an imperial interceptor, Farfalee stays outside of Durna, but joins up later aboard the ship. After dealing with the Maumet, the group enters the Celestine Library, where Farfalee uses edomic to open doors and communicate with guides. After asking the others of the group to question other guides, Jason's guide points them to a Petruscan scroll, which he explains is useless because no creature alive can read the language anymore. Farfalee points out that she actually can read petruscan, and translates the scroll for them. She then continues to follow the group as they travel across the Fuming Waste. When Groddic stops them, she puts an arrow through his throat, before continuing onward. Eventually, Heg, a drinling, catches up to them and continues to follow them until they arrive at the falls of which Darian lies behind. He revealed that he is the Wanderer and also assumed the identity of Groddic. He kills Farfalee and stabs her seed, but at the end of the book, it is revealed that she is okay, and survived with no more than a paralyzed leg.


  • Farfalee knows a number of languages including English, Edomic, and Petruscan.