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Felrook is the fortress of Maldor and the capital of his empire. It was where Galloran and Nedwin were imprisoned and tortured, and where Jason was held captive. It also houses the torivors, and supposedly the displacers.

Chasing the Prophecy

Felrook was approached by Galloran's army, as they attempted to invade. The fortress was surrounded by three keeps known as East Keep, West Keep and North Keep, as well as a ferry station for crossing the lake that was heavily armed to almost match the keeps. This station was named South Keep by Galloran's army.

With help from Rachel at West Keep and Ferrin at East Keep, the army captured all four keeps. However, the problem still remained about capturing Felrook itself.

When all seemed hopeless, they received a message from Jason detailing that Felrook was built atop Mount Allowat, the mountain where orantium was mined many years ago. Using this information, Tark dove beneath the lake to uncover the old mine. After a while, he was confronted by Ferrin, who threatened to betray Galloran and kill Tark before he could open the mine. After talking about his inner conflict of whether or not to do so, Ferrin decided to join Tark. The two of them uncovered the entrance and Felrook was blasted into oblivion with Maldor inside. Tark and Ferrin died in the blast.