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"I have played a perilous game for years - trading secrets, telling lies, finding leverage, earning trust only to betray it. I got away with an eccentric lifestyle among Maldor's elite by hiding much of what I learned and by proving myself too valuable to kill. It was a precarious, unforgiving game. When I released you from Felrook, I miscalculated, and I lost. Game over. Bridges burned. But the game is part of my nature. I don't think I can stop playing until I stop breathing."
— Ferrin

Ferrin was a displacer from Lyrian. Originally loyal to Maldor, Ferrin first met Jason and Rachel during their quest for the Word and befriended them, leading him to become uncertain about his loyalty to the emperor.


Ferrin is the son of Baldor, but nothing else is known about his family or childhood. Like all displacers, he was trained from a very young age to lie, betray, spy, and conduct espionage for the emperor.

Ferrin as seen in the official book trailer.

Fan art of Ferrin in Seeds of Rebellion

At some point in his life, Ferrin met and fell in love with a woman of Trensicourt who did not realize he was a displacer; however, she was already engaged. When her fiancé, a man called Lester, found out, he challenged Ferrin to a duel. Ferrin ended up killing the man out of self-preservation. The man was a cousin of Chancellor Copernum, who took revenge by publically beheading Ferrin. However, as Ferrin was a displacer, he was not killed by this, and a few friends helped him get away. His girlfriend found out he was a displacer, and that was the end of their relationship.

A World Without Heroes

Ferrin was sent by Maldor to spy on Jason and Rachel as they searched for the Word. While at first, he pretended to help them, his true allegiance was eventually found out, and he left the pair, claiming that he had grown close to them and regretted having to betray them to his master.

Later on, Ferrin freed Jason from imprisonment in Felrook, knowingly committing an irrevocable crime against his master and becoming almost as wanted as Jason himself.

Seeds of Rebellion

Ferrin then tried to befriend Jason, ending up assisting in the rebellion against Maldor. While hoping that Ferrin was truly on their side, as an extra precaution against betrayal, Galloran asked Ferrin to remove part of his carotid artery and give it to him so that if he ever betrayed them, they could poison him; if he were to release the connection, he would bleed to death.

Ferrin helped teach Jason swordsmanship and discovered Nedwin's grafted ear. But after experiencing true friendship from Jason (a rare feeling for displacers), he willingly gave Jason a piece of another major artery in his arm (brachial artery) as an extra assurance. While many times being tempted to turn in the rebellion to Maldor and thus stay loyal to his race, Ferrin continued to help Jason and his friends in their fight against Maldor.

Chasing the Prophecy

When Tark volunteered to give his life blowing up the ancient orantium mine under Felrook, Ferrin was desperately close to betrayal. He made his way into the cave and told Tark how he felt, but then decided to stay and help Tark open up the passage to the orantium. He and Tark both died in the subsequent explosion.


Ferrin was a kind, smart, and witty person who cared for and protected his friends. Ferrin seemed to truly appreciate his friendship with Jason and Rachel, as he lived a lonely existence full of intolerance due to his race before meeting them. He was kind to the rest of their band of rebels as well, even joking with and teasing them playfully at times. However, behind his friendly and humorous exterior, Ferrin hid a colder, more violent and calculating displacer side. Ferrin was not easily made upset, but when a threat was made to his friends or his pride as a displacer, he could become a frightening enemy. All of the friendliness would vanish from his expression to be replaced with something cold and unreadable as he sized-up his enemy. Ferrin was described by Galloran as "a foe most devious and capable", and he was at one time a candidate to lead the displacers if it weren't for his capricious and unorthodox methods. Throughout the series, Ferrin expressed frustration over his inability to come to a conclusion about his true loyalties. He was candid about his conflicting ideals to anyone who asked, which led to the revelation of some of his darker thoughts, such as when he implied his wish for the Amar Kabal’s extinction. He appeared to hold some sort of resentment towards the Amar Kabal due to their original allegiance with and creation by Eldrin, who defeated the creator of the displacers, Zokar. Although Ferrin came to oppose Felrook, he harbored no ill-will towards his own race, and hated the idea of hindering the displacers up until his sacrifice with Tark at Mount Allowat.

Skills and Abilities

Ferrin was brought up learning how to spy and scheme from a very young age, and was able to lie to and deceive people very easily. As a displacer, Ferrin was able to detach and reattach his body parts at will, which was useful if he ended up losing a body part during a fight and needed to keep fighting. Ferrin was capable of holding his own in a fight, and was willing to fight dirty and use his abilities as a displacer to his advantage, or as shock value to his opponent, if necessary. Ferrin often got creative with his choice of weapons if he had no access to a sword, using his walking stick to take out Tad and Kale, and using a pitchfork to incapacitate a farmer. He was an excellent swordsman, holding an almost religious reverence for swords, and he served as a teacher in swordplay for both Jason and Corrine. Ferrin was also a skilled tactician, and helped strategize alongside Galloran during the siege on Felrook. Ferrin has also shown to be skilled at whistling, scouting, and horseback riding.

Appearance in Five Kingdoms

Ferrin appears as an echo, or ghost, in Death Weavers, the fourth book in Brandon Mull's Five Kingdoms series.