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Felt is a town just south of Fortaim and south-west of Carning. Flet is located on the Western Peninsula in West Lyrian.


Flet is a fishing village with houses like boxy structures painted in fading colors constructed from driftwood and flotsam with malformed windows. Flet also housed a wharf with many docks and several small fishing vessels. Flet's main and biggest attraction is the Tavern-Go-Round.

A World Without Heroes

After receiving the second syllable to The Word from Jugard, Jason and Rachel traveled south to the town of Flet. Upon reaching Flet Jason and Rachel came to a spinning building labeled as 'The Tavern-Go-Round'. The man who ran the tavern, Kerny, pulled Jason and Rachel into the building. Inside the tavern, the pair met Tark, the last surviving musician of the Giddy Nine. Jason was able to convince Tark to stand up against the emperor, Maldor. After paying five drooma for a four drooma meal, Kerny lead Jason and Rachel to his mother's small inn. On the way, they met Ned, who tries to find out who Jason and Rachel are. While in the Inn, Ned sneaks into Jason's room, learning of Galloran from Jason then telling him to follow him out of the Inn during the night. Jason and Rachel follow Ned's instructions and creep onto the roof of the Inn just before their rooms are broken into. Jason and Rachel sneak out of town and Ned follows their past trail to find Galloran.