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Some of the foods eaten in Lyrian:

  • Bitter gray nuts
  • Puckerlies
  • A cool drink that tastes like diluted berry juice with a hint of honey
  • Spotted Parasol Mushrooms
  • Dry yellow berries that taste like sour candy
  • Blue Root Pie
  • Peppered Venison
  • Gray, furry fruit
  • Bubblefruit: Oblong, translucent fruit
  • Bubblefruit hybrid
  • Yellow mushrooms that are shaped like stocking caps
  • Berries (variations)
  • Plum variation
  • Apricot variation
  • Hot black drink that does not smell like coffee, but is unbearably bitter, unless sweetened with sugar
  • A fruit that drips (Bubblefruit?)
  • Really Crunchy Nuts
  • Energy Berries
  • Meat Pie
  • Bread
  • Roasted Pheasant
  • Bowls of Fruit
  • Charger with mashed vegetables and dusted with spices
  • Honeymelon Juice: Carafes of golden fluid
  • Lumba Berry Pie
  • Lumba Berries
  • Oklinder