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Fortaim is a runied castle and fiefdom that Galloran (the Blind King) was in exiled to.


Fortaim is located on the Western Peninsula in West Lyrian. The castle is located just south of the Telkron River, north of Flet, east of the Repository of Learning and Monument Falls, and west of Carning and Trensicourt.


Fortaim was once a fiefdom, and an unkown earl occupied the main castle. The castle fell out of use and was then inhabited by Galloran, under the name of 'The Blind King', and his servents and courtiers.


It had sagging walls topped with crumbling battlements, which had collapsed entirely in some places. Only two towers remained standing, one of which was crooked, damaged, and looked about ready to fall over. Jumbled heaps of stone and rotted beams marked where other structures had already fallen. A gravel path lead to a corroded, raised drawbridge with a small door in the center, with a plank leading across a shallow, dry moat. The courtyard had uneven paving stones, weeds thiving between the cracks. The castle also housed a great hall which included trestle tables and a moldering dias. Birds roosted in the rafters of the hall, leaving white streaks of droppings on the floor and tables. Spiraled steps led to Galloran's room in the sturdy tower of the castle. The room housed clean furnishings, a canopied bed, and cushioned chairs.

A World Without Heroes

Jason Walker came across Fortaim after leaving Franny's Cottage and the Repository of Learning. It was here where Jason found Galloran, who introduced him to Rachel Woodruff, another Beyonder. Galloran sent Jason and Rachel on the quest for the Word, giving Jason a poniard and bestowing upon him the title of Duke of Caberton and a ring, Rachel an orantium sphere, and a bag full of drooma.

Seeds of Rebellion

Jason, Tark, Aram, anf Ferrin came across Fortaim just after it was attacked by Maldor's forces. They found Nedwin in Galloran's room, with Jugard's slain body. Nedwin and the others found a secret passage which lead to Galloran and his reming servents, including Vernon, Dorsio, and Chandra. It was here where Ferrin pleaged layolty to Galloran and the Rebellion against Maldor, giving Galloran a chunk of his neck containg his carotid artery. The new and expanded group left Fortaim for the Sunken Lands to find Corinne, Galloran's daughter. Galloran also sent Vernon to retrieve Trivett on the Isle of Weir, and Nedwin to retrieve Malar at Whitelake.