Giants are one of the many wizardborn races in Lyrian. Created by Zokar, they appear as dwarfs in the daytime, while at night, they grow into massive giants. They reside on the north side of the Telkron River, and are very rarely ever seen.

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

Jason returns to Lyrian thanks to Tark, who summoned him back with music. Jason is sent to the northern side of the river to escape a torivor in pursuit. He stumbles across a tiny man who offers him shelter in his village. He explains that he and his family inhabited the giants' homes, but the giants themselves had disappeared long ago. Jason is welcomed inside and given dinner, but soon the dwarfs grow into giants and chase him into the chimney, where he waits until the torivor arrived and scared away the giants. Jason later named this torivor Lurky.

Jason later meets up with a smuggler called Aram, who is half-giant himself, and experiences the same shrinking and growing as the giants but on a lesser scale.

Chasing the Prophecy Edit

While guarding Trensicourt, Nedwin flees from the castle to escape an invasion by Copernum and a bunch of giants who were hiding in the city. Later, when trying to retake the castle, Nedwin discovers the giants hiding in a small storehouse which they snuck into by hiding in the food carts heading to and from the soldiers' huts. Nedwin carefully ambushed them and killed them all from above using orantium while they were small.

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