The Giddy Nine was a band of nine members, including Tark. They were led by Simeon, who, after consulting with Esmira, decided that they should sacrifice themselves by floating off Monument Falls; they were led to believe that by so doing they would bring a hero to Lyrian. They also wanted to make a statement because they had been banned from playing together. Tark was the only survivor, thanks to Jason Walker's intervention.


  • Simeon, the leader
  • Tark (sousalax player)
  • Darren
  • A narrow man in a pale outfit who played the xylophone
  • A stocky woman who played a curved flute
  • Stilus, who alternated between racks of chimes and a tall set of bongos. He got hit with an arrow Jason sent flying.
  • A flabby woman who played a strangely-shaped stringed instrument
  • Woodwind instrument player
  • Cymbal player
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