Halak is a Captain of the Amar Kabal who was stationed at West Gate. Halak is described as a tall man with dramatic eyebrows.

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

Halak was the Captain who ordered the opening of West Gate to allow GalloranRachelTark, and Corinne to come into the Seven Vales. Halak also had 20 Amar Kabal riders ride out to rescue Jason, Drake, Nedwin, Aram, Ferrin, and Dorsio from Maldor 's horsemen. Halak would later invite all in the group, besides Tark, to eat in his home while Tark underwent treatment for lungrot. It was here in Halaks home where Nedwin fell unconscious due to advanced lungrot. Halak may have let the rest group stay to rest in his home the following night.

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