The Inland Sea is a salty sea located in the south-east of Lyrian, south of the Fuming Waste, north of the Durnese River, east of Gar's Wood, and west of the Eastern Ocean.

Cities and Towns

The shores of the Inland Sea are home to three known cities and a lesser known town.

The Sea and Lands

The Inland Sea held three large islands, one of them being Windbreak Island housing the Maumet and Celestine Library, and possibly dozens of smaller islands around the sea. The sea itself was extremely salty, normally allowing no life to dwell in its water, but there are certain fish species that dwell in the sea, such a Kitefish. The reason for some life in the Inland Sea was due to wizards, possibly Eldrin, who engineered several types of fish and bioluminescent seaweed to withstand the high salinity. The introduction of fish allowed for larger permanent settlements to develop on the sea's coast.

Chasing the Prophecy (needs expanded)

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