Ithilum is a port city in Lyrian. It is home to Aram and his mother, Moira. Ithilum is where Jason met Aram at the

Dockside Inn.

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

After escaping the Giants and encountering a Torivor, Jason heads to Ithilum after Tark told him he would find Aram there at the Dockside Inn. Upon reaching Ithilum the Torivor following Jason, Lurky, stopped and fled to avoid being seen in the city. While Jason was walking on the floodplain walking towards the city, he was stopped by a soldier who wore the same armor as those who captures Jason near Harthenham. The soldier asked for Jason's permit, seeing as times were hard and Jason had no proper permit the soldier allowed Jason to pay him as an escort instead of paying a large fine. The soldier asked for 100 drooma, but after Jason offered 20, the soldier accepted 30 drooma. Jason was then escorted across the floodplain and paid the soldier 20 drooma after the soldier told him he seemed a "good enough sort". Jason made his way to the Dockside Inn where he encountered Aram. After Aram stopped a thief from robbing Jason, he and Jason took a walk to Aram's home where Jason learned Aram was a half-giant. Jason also encountered Ferrin in Ithilum. Jason and Aram went under the wall and through water to escape the city, it was here where they met Chancy and Ferrin, along with a torivor, most likely Lurky. the group, Jason, Aram, and Ferrin, then escaped via the Telkron River towards Fortaim to find the Blind King.

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