Jason Walker is the main character of the Beyonders series. He is first introduced as a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in Vista, Colorado. Along with Rachel Woodruff, he becomes one of the first people to visit Lyrian in 100 years.

A World Without Heroes

While volunteering one day at the local zoo, Jason hears music coming from the hippo. He accidentally falls into the tank and, as the hippo swallows him, is drawn into Lyrian. Ending up on the banks of a river at night, he witnesses the Giddy Nine about to send themselves off a waterfall; he grabs a bow and attempts to stop the raft. Through his actions, he manages to save the life of Tark, though the other band members are swept off the waterfall anyway.

Jason soon ends up at the Repository of Learning, where he mistakenly learns one of the syllables for the Edomic Word that can destroy Maldor. His life now in danger, he is told to seek the Blind King for help. When he reaches the Blind King, he is introduced to Rachel, a spunky girl from Washington who found herself in Lyrian at the same time he did. The Blind King tells them that they must visit the various syllable guardians and get the whole Word.

Jason and Rachel meet a displacer named Ferrin, who travels with them a while and gains their trust as they find syllables. Eventually it is revealed that Ferrin was really spying on them for Maldor all along, and they part ways, with Ferrin saying that he has really become their friend, even if he was spying on them. In their various following escapades as they continue searching for the syllables, Jason becomes the Chancellor of Trensicourt and survives the subsequent assassination attempt instigated by the former Chancellor, Jason is offered an invitation to Harthenham (something Maldor offers only to his greatest enemies), and they meet Jasher, one of the Amar Kabal. They also travel into the Sunken Lands and meet a syllable guardian called Corinne, who lives in a tree surrounded by puffball mushrooms that cause temporary amnesia. Eventually, since Jason was told that the last syllable is tattooed on a man named Kimp in Harthenham, he accepts the invitation.

Harthenham is a place of unbridled luxury, where Maldor's enemies are essentially bought off by the amazing food and living. Jason finds the very last syllable, as hoped, and breaks his way out along with Tark (who had ended up there not long before), Drake, and Tristan. Jasher and Rachel are waiting for them nearby. They are immediately pursued from Harthenham, and Tristan and Jasher are killed in the ensuing skirmish. Jason gives Jasher's seed to Tark for safekeeping. More riders approach, and Jason tells Tark to ride off with Rachel and Drake. Jason is then captured by Maldor's forces.

Near Felrook, Drake catches up to Jason and his captors, killing the soldiers. But Jason feels it is his duty to go to Felrook and unmake Maldor with the Word, despite the risk. Drake helps him get there, and Jason is recaptured and brought before Maldor. There he says the word ("arimfexendrapuse"), but the Word fails. Maldor reveals to him shortly afterward, in private, that the Word is a fraud, meant to unmake another wizard called Orruck, and that he planted the whole idea of it as a diversion to distract his enemies pointlessly. Jason is placed in a dungeon and tortured, until Ferrin, who was not lying when he said he was his friend, breaks him out and takes him to a secret well in a cave that leads back to Jason's world. Reluctant to leave Rachel behind, and having just discovered that the Word was pointless - which no one else knew - Jason tries to resist. Ferrin pushes him into the water, and Jason grabs his hand and drags him under as well. Ferrin stuggled to get his hand back above water, but fails. Jason then keeps Ferrin's hand. He ends up in a cornfield in Iowa, about four months after he first ended up in Lyrian.

Seeds of Rebellion

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A few months later, Jason is back home. He has taught Ferrin's hand sign language and they are able to communicate that way.

Chasing the Prophecy

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Rachel: A girl from Washington who is homeschooled. The two meet in Lyrian and must work together despite their differences.


At the beginning of A World Without Heroes, Jason is shown to be a carefree teenager. His only worries are about talking to girls and the future career in dentistry his parents have planned. When he ends up in Lyrian, he demonstrates exemplary courage and loyalty and tries to do the right thing no matter the consequences to himself.