Kimp was a man who lived in Harthenham castle. He was covered in tattoos and served as Duke Conrad's majordomo/right-hand man and tended to the dogs of Harthenham.

Description Edit

Kimp was described as being built like a power lifter with a gruff face. He was a man with tattoos covering his entire body, except for his face, and a tattoo of the second syllable of the Word.

History Edit

Kimp acquired his tattoo of the second syllable of the Word while in prison with Galloran in the dungeons of Felrook. At the time, Galloran had gotten the second syllable of the Word from the Oracle Esmira at The Temple of Mianamon in the Southern Jungle. Unlike most others living in Harthenham castle, he was quite fit to fight.

A World Without Heroes Edit

While in Harthenham, Jason Walker found Kimp and examined his tattoo's. Beside the mast of an elaborate ship were inscribed three letters uneven and verticle, these letters were the second syllable to the Word, 'rim'. After finding the second syllable, Jason announced during dinner that he would leave Harthenham. Duke Conrad challenged Jason to a duel, Kimp intervened saying he would deal with the 'miscreant'. Duke Conrad insisted that he duel Jason. The next day, Conrad lost the duel and Jason was free to leave along with Tark, Tristan, and Drake. Kimp chased after the group with twenty dogs. All of the dogs were slain, but some managed to attack and kill Tristan. Kimp was then forced to face off against Jasher who came out from a grove of trees on horseback. After meeting with Jasher, Kimp lunged at him from his horse, nocking Jasher to the ground. He intercepted a blow to his head from Jasher's chain with his hand and hit Jasher in the chest with his mace. The action the broke the protective casing around an orantium globe, causing it to explode and kill both of the men simultaneously.

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