Not to be confused with Ebera (city).

The Kingdom of Ebera is a well-known kingdom in Lyrian, due to the Goma Plague. The Kingdom of Ebera is the Northeast region of Lyrian. North of the Silver River, south of the Agwam River and the Northern Hinterlands, and east of the Seven Vales.


The wizard Kel Jerud built his tower within the region of Ebera. When he died, he warned the people of Ebera never to disturb his tower, or else he would unleash his wrath against the people.

After several years, a group of thieves entered the tower. They had ignored the wizard's warning, and they were punished. A horrible plague of goma worms was unleashed across the region, reanimating the dead. King Linus realized that the virus could well destroy Lyrian, so he burned the ferries and bridges across the river and swore to protect the rest of Lyrian from the plague.

Seeds of Rebellion

Jason, Rachel and their group are sent to traverse Ebera as a shortcut to escape the Seven Vales. While traversing the region, they encounter several groups of undead who seem to be very good at planning. The first undead citizen they encounter required several arrows to the head before she collapsed, and she had shown no indication of understanding or communicating speech. Upon inspecting her, they found that the virus was transmitted by worms that suck the blood of their victims and reanimate them with a new enhanced thirst for blood.

After attempting to rest on a high ridge, Nedwin reports several groups of the undead moving to intercept them. After narrowly escaping the horde, they arrive safely at a ridge.

While escaping, Halco is infected and the group is forced to leave him behind. Rachel makes several successful attempts at burning the undead before passing out from Edomic overexertion.

Soon, they encounter a group of mounted Eberan soldiers who try to prevent their escape from Ebera. They claim that they are some of few locals who have kept sane throughout the plague and are aiming to protect Lyrian by preventing anyone from leaving the region.

After much negotiation, they shoot the soldiers and flee, getting help from the drinlings to escape the borders.

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