The Last Inn is a large in located in South Lyrian, north of the Southern Jungle, and south of the Durnese River.

Description Edit

The Last Inn is a large Inn situated by a crossroads outside the palisade of a modest village. Parts of the Inn reached up to five (5) stories tall. The Inn was made of wood and stone and featured gables and turrets, united by swooping sections of the roof which came together at unusual angles. There were plentiful balconies and rooftop terraces, chimney pots, cupolas, and wather vanes. There were large stables adjorned on one side of the Inn, next to a smithy.

Inner Description Edit

The Last Inn had a great common room with large double doors. The room was three stories high, with thick rafters and trophy heads on the wall accompanied by multiple hearths. There were long tables and a long marble bar against one wall blocked access to two (2) large mirrors set inside elaborate frames. Some of the rooms were a bit cramped, with a single window and a simple cot.

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

The Delegation arrived at the Last Inn as their last stop before heading south to the Southern Jungle. The Delegation rested at the Inn, but were captured by Duke Conrad.

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