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"I wish to only be remembered as Author Unknown."
— Loremaster

The Loremaster is a man who works at The Repository of Learning. His full name is Bridonus Keplin Dunscrip Garonicum the Ninth. He normally wears a purple hat shaped like a limp mushroom, a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, purple knickers that matched his hat and ballooned at the thighs, and bright buckles on his shoes. He is also "Author Unknown," an author who appears multiple times on some of the books in the Repository of Learning. Bridonus is the father of former Chancellor Copernum. His father was Damak, Maldor's chief torturer. It is not confirmed in the books, but the Loremaster may be a displacer due to his kinship to Copernum, who was revealed to be a displacer. He may have been in on the scheme of the false word, as he was possibly a displacer and harbored the Book of Salazared.

Works attributed to the Author Unknown