The World Edit

Lyrian is the world in which the primary events of all three books of the Beyonders series take place. At the time of Maldor, Lyrian's culture and technology were similar to that of Earth's Middle Ages. Lyrian is a supercontinent in which many diverse climates, terrains, and societies exist. Lyrian is also home to many fantastical creatures and races, alongside humans and other Earthly creatures.

Geography Edit

Lyrian is a supercontinent with diverse climates and terrains. Some notable examples include the Sunken Lands, home of Orruck and former home of Corinne, Seven Vales, home of the Amar Kabal, Southern Jungle, home of the Oracle Esmira (formerly) and Mianamon, the Inland Sea, housing the Celestine Library, the Fuming Waste, and the western peninsula jutting out into the sea, home to the Repository of Learning, Monument Falls, and Fortaim, home of the Blind King.

Map of lyrian-0

The Main Map of Lyrian

Mountains Edit

Lyrian is home to various mountains and mountain ranges, some of the known ones include:

Bodies of Water Edit

Lyrian is also home to several major rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. The known bodies of water include:

Races Edit

The main race populating Lyrian would be Humans. Some other races inhabiting Lyrian include the Amar Kabal, the Drinlings, Treefolk, Torivors, Manglers, Giants, the undead 'Zombies' controlled by Goma worms, and Wizards, classified as humans, including Maldor, Orruck, Zokar, Arastus, and Eldrin.

West lyrian map-0

The Map of Western Lyrian

Main Locations Edit

Some of the main locations throughout the Beyonders series and in Lyrian include the Repository of Learning, Fortaim, Trensicourt, Harthenham, Whitelake, Felrook, the Sunken Lands, Seven Vales, Ebera, Mianamon, Ithilum, Durna, the Celestine Library, Kadara, Inkala, the Fuming Waste, and the Last Inn.

Means of Getting ThereEdit

Jason Walker was unlucky enough to be swallowed by a hippopotamus in order to get to Lyrian. Jason was working at Vista Point Zoo when he heard music coming from the hippo tank. Jason leaned over and fell, getting swallowed and transported to Lyrian as a result. A very rare way of getting there. It is possible to reach Lyrian by going through portals in deep caves, natural stone arches, deep wells, and other such places. Rachel Woodruff was transported to Lyrian by walking through a stone arch in Arches National Park while touring with her parents and a guide. She was guided through the arch by a butterfly sent by Erinda. To get back to earth or the Beyond, a portal was required. Such a portal existed near Felrook. Jason used this portal by sink through the pool with Ferrin's hand.

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