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Maldor is a wizard and the main antagonist of the series. He was once one of Zokar's apprentices.

History (Incomplete)

In his youth, Maldor trained as an apprentice under the wizard Zokar. Orruck was his fellow apprentice, and the two vied for their master's attention.

Years later, Maldor visited Trensicourt when Galloran was little, and Galloran showed him a toy in the parlor. The toy was a windup carousel with removable horses. Maldor still remembered the details years afterward.

Maldor lusted for power, and gradually, through the use of magic and deceit, he overthrew many of the governments of his world and managed to completely squash most resistance. His armies consisted of soldiers, conscriptors, torivors, displacers, and manglers. He purposely leaked rumors of an Edomic command word that supposedly would be able to destroy him (but in reality would destroy Orruck) in order to send his enemies on a wild goose chase. Another purpose of this act was to find suitable allies, because he figured that only the greatest of men would be able to gather the syllables. However, this only happened twice with both Galloran and Jason. Both of them declined. The rumors of the Word lasted until Jason discovered the truth.

Demise (Incomplete)

In Chasing the Prophecy, Maldor offered Rachel an apprenticeship with him, which she finally accepted, hoping to harm Felrook from the inside. Soon after getting inside, Rachel found and befriended the torivors. Maldor controlled them using the Myrkstone, which he wore around his neck as an amulet. As part of a deal with the torivors, Rachel destroyed the Myrkstone and freed them. One torivor attacked Maldor, keeping him pinned down until Felrook was blasted into oblivion shortly afterward, finally ending Maldor's reign.


Maldor had great Edomic powers of suggestion and command. He could freeze people in place and make them do things against their will. He could also speak with someone from afar by entering the person's mind. With the use of Edomic, he also greatly extended his lifespan by hundreds of years.

As the bearer of the Myrkstone, he also had power over the torivors.