Naman is a member of The Conclave. He lost a duel to Galloran and helped to lead the Amar Kabal on their offensive against Felrook.

Description Edit

Naman is described as being tall and trim with wide shoulders and black hair in a topknot. He had a high forehead, sunken cheeks, and a broad mouth with large and wide lips.

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

After arriving at the Seven Vales, Galloran stood in front of the Conclave to speak on the issue of open rebellion against Maldor. After criticizing Naman by calling him a coward, Naman told Galloran that he would challenge him to a duel if he had eyes. Galloran then drew his torivian sword and accepted the challenged. Naman also accepted after Galloran kept insisting. As the duel began, Naman went on the offensive, attacking and trying to take down Galloran unsuccessfully, as Galloran used Rachel and Corinne as his eyes. Naman then questioned if Galloran was truly blind as he was so successful with his sword. In response, Galloran cast aside his blindfold, go the offensive and quickly dispatching of Naman after lopping off his sword hand and impaling him without hesitation. Putting Naman in the ground for another three months.

Chasing the Prophecy Edit

Naman met Galloran's army near the Western Pass through the Graywall Mountains with thousands of Amar Kabal Soldiers on horseback and hundreds of orantium spheres, along with more than twenty Gatecrashers. Naman was much younger then, as he lost his duel with Galloran only months before, and helped to lead the offensive on the Four Keeps surrounding Felrook. Naman had commanded the attack on North Keep. After Jason had learned that Felrook was built atop Mount Allowat, Naman ordered Ferrin to be arrested by the Amar Kabal as he believed that Ferrin had information to crucial to be leaked to Maldor. Ferrin eventually escaped however and helped Tark to reach and destroy the large vein of orantium.

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