Nia is a female drinling from the Wild Clan. She and her brother Io join the delegation from the Seven Vales after they travel through Ebera.


Nia first met Jason Walker and Rachel Woodruff when she was only a few months old - young adolescence for a drinling. Unlike many other drinlings, she had a good grasp of English, and so came to act as translator for a drinling elder who was going to talk with the delegation from the Seven Vales. Afterwards, she and her brother Io joined their quest, becoming friends with Jason and Rachel in the process.

Nia was killed some months later. While fighting the Wanderer in the Scalding Caverns, Jason threw an orantium sphere at him, only to have the Wanderer catch it gently and fling it back at Jason and the others. Nia jumped in the way and covered the sphere with her body, shielding the blast enough to save Jason, Corinne, and Aram.

Traits and abilities

Like all drinlings, Nia had great strength and endurance. She also seemed to have a fun sense of humor in her youth, but grew a little more serious as she became older.

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