Life Edit

Nicholas is a former Earl of Rosbury and tinkerer who helped Galloran with his quest for the and is now in a harness so he can move with no legs. Rachel and Jason were sent to find him by Jugard. Nicholas doesn't have legs is because he challenged the Chancellor of Trensicourt (Copernum) to try to get the third syllable of the Word in the Lorevault, which is only accessible by the Chancellor and the Regent, and lost. As punishment, he lost his title and soon after was attacked and lost his legs. He is sometimes called Nicholas Dangler because he moves around in a harness attached to the ceiling of his home.

Quest Edit

Nicholas tells Jason and Rachel the Third Syllable is in the Trensicourt Lorevault and they have to get it by challenging the Chancellor to a battle of wits. To be able to challenge him, Jason has to get his title as Lord of Caberton recognized. To do this Nicholas tells him to go to The Upturned Goblet, which is the finest establishment there is and is owned by Tedril. Nicholas also tells him to gamble all his money away to try to get one of the rich people there to sponsor him as the Lord of Caberton. He gives them each a special crossbow to protect themselves.

Family Edit

  1. Brin - brother- Still serving Galloran
  2. Rodger - brother - tried getting The Word but never came back
  3. Hannah - sister - Married a lesser lordling
  4. Two sons and a Nephew - died when trying to incite a revolt
  5. Kayla - wife of Rodger (sister-in-law) - lives with him
  6. Minna and Lisa - nieces - lives with him
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