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Nollin is a member of the Conclave, the highest council of the Amar Kabal. He joins Galloran on the Delegation to the Temple of Mianamon.

Seeds of Rebellion

When Galloran and his group of rebels arrive at the Seven Vales, the kingdom of the Amar Kabal, the Conclave is hesitant to let them rally forces and proceed on the Delegation, and Nollin's father, Naman, challenges Galloran to a duel. Galloran wins, and the Conclave agrees. Nollin is one of the Amar Kabal chosen to go with him. He travels through the Northern Hinterlands, the Kingdom of Ebera, drinling territory, and finally, into the Southern Jungle to the Temple of Mianamon.

Chasing the Prophecy

At Mianamon, Esmira says that Nollin will travel with Galloran to Trensicourt, then launch a major assail on Felrook, the capital of Maldor's empire. Once they reach Trensicourt, Nollin is told to assist Nedwin in running the kingdom. Nollin is seriously injured when Copernum betrays Nedwin and claims Trensicourt for the emperor. He goes with Nicholas while Kerick stays with Nedwin to fight Copernum.