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One of Zokar's apprentices, Orruck and Maldor were hateful rivals. Eventually, Zokar feared his apprentices would turn against him. Maldor escaped to the Beyond for a while whereas Orruck was stripped of his humanity and turned into a monster that guarded the Sunken City.

There he remained for centuries, losing more and more of his humanity and human reasoning bit by ever so tiny bit as the years passed. At one point in history, he was approached by Galloran who convinced the former wizard to give him a supply of orantium as he sought the Word that would undo Maldor.

Orruck agreed and gave Galloran the orantium he desired but kept most of it for himself even though, in his monstrous state, it was useless to him.

Many years later, he was approached again by Galloran, accompanied by Rachel and Galloran's bodyguard, Dorsio. From them, Orruck learned the Word had been a fraud. He sensed that they knew it would destroy him. They had come requesting more orantium to use to enstrengthen their rebellion. After a precarious debate, Orruck turned on them and tried to devour them. He was killed by Rachel, who used the Word to destroy him.