Places in the Beyonders series. Please be sure to add anything I'm forgetting. I thought it'd be useful to have a guide of the places on the wiki. Edit

Harthenham - A "paradise" created by Maldor and run by Duke Conrad used to distract Maldor's greatest enemies. Also known as "The Eternal Feast."

Ebera - A kingdom which fell to the zombie plague of the Goma worms.

Trensicourt - A big capital city that has been overseen by Chancellor Copernum. One of the only Independent cities left.

Drowned City - A fallen city where Darius The Seer used to live. Large Orantium storages are kept here. The home of the mutated Orukk.

Sunken Lands - A Region In Lyrian Which Is A Mix of Jungle And Swamp. Wild and Full of Exotic Life.

Felrook - Maldor's Stronghold

Fortaim - The Fallen Castle Where The Blind King Resides

Mianamon - The Temple In The Southern Jungle which is the original guardian place of the second syllable of The Word.

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