"Eldrin and Zokar are considered the greatest masters of Edomic. But perhaps no wizard in history could rival Pothan the Slow when it came to sheer power."
Galloran on Pothan's Edomic might

Pothan the Slow, or Pothan, is a mentioned only character, but was a powerful wizard in Lyrian before his death either during or after the formation of the Sunken Lands.


Pothan the Slow was described as large and bald, somewhat misshapen, slow of speech, and was odd of manner. He favored the solitude of the surrounding wilderness of Darvis Kur, never venturing into the city often. Despite his slow speech and stature, Pothan was one of the most powerful wizards of the time, and it is often said that no wizard in history could rival Pothan in sheer power.


The Custodians of the Mended Chain Mended Chain (the Custodians) and the Twenty Magi began to fight in the ancient city of Darvis Kur. The Custodians lost poorly, and thus asked for the help of Pothan the Slow in their battle against the Twenty Magi. Surprisingly, Pothan agreed to help the Custodians win their battle against the Twenty Magi. With the help and might of his Edomic, Pothan single handedly crushed the Twenty Magi,, with none surviving to carry the order forward. Frightened with the sheer power of Pothan the Slow, the Custodians offered for Pothan to join their order, then tried to poison him.

Although the Custodians successfully poisoned him, they failed in slaying him. Utterly furious at this betrayal, Pothan sank the entire region by forcing in downwards while raising hills and mountains. The surrounding lakes and rivers were drained into the lands in an unprecedented flood. Tens of thousands of people died, including Pothan, as the actions he took cost his life. The Sunken Lands were created.

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