Rachel Woodruff is a Beyonder and one of the main characters of the trilogy. She was almost a head shorter than Jason, but the same age as him. She had short brown hair with a stylish cut, dark brown eyes, and a faint spray of freckles across her face. Galloran introduced Jason to Rachel, believing that Rachel's destiny was intertwined with Jason's.

Life on Earth

She lived in Olympia, Washington, where she was homeschooled by her parents, only going to regular school to run track. She was into hurdles and pole-vaulting before she arrived in Lyrian. Rachel's parents had money, so they traveled with her a lot. She went to museums, foreign countries, and national parks. She was fluent in French and Spanish, alright in Italian and Portuguese, and could get by in Russian, Chinese, and a couple others.

Life in Lyrian (needs expansion)

She came to Lyrian when she was hiking with her parents in Arches National Park. Her Dad had hired a local guide to take them off the beaten path. The man drove them around in a jeep through some amazing country. Then, their guide took them to some smaller stone arches which you could not find on a map. He parked beside a ravine and then they walked from there. When Rachel stopped for a snack at one point, she saw a butterfly. Wanting to get a good picture of it, she followed it under a stone arch, and once she did, she ended up in Lyrian.

After that, she backtracked and found an old cabin, which was Erinda's cabin. Erinda was found dead. Eventually Rachel found her way to Fortaim, where she met Galloran and Jason Walker. There she was informed about the Word to unmake Maldor and ended up joining Jason in his quest to pursue the rest of the syllables.

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