The Southern Jungle is a large jungle located in South Lyrian. It is home to two known temples, treefolk, and the former oracle Esmira.

Location Edit

The Southern Jungle is located south of the Durnese River and the Last Inn, on the bottom of the continent (presumably).

Description Edit

The Southern Jungle is described as a tropical chaos of ferns, vines, fronds, and towering trees. The jungle was hotter and just as poisonous as the Sunken Lands. Through the jungle was an ancient stone road, now a jumbled mess overgrown with shrubs, plants, and broken paving stones, leading directly to the Temple of Mianamon. The jungle was also home to many rainstorms.

Species and Races Edit

The Southern Jungle is home to many different types of animal species and races. The known ones include:

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

After departing from the Last Inn, The Delegation, Io, Nia, Galloran, and Jasher ventured into the Southern Jungle to find the oracle Esmira at the Temple of Mianamon. After venturing though the jungle for multiple days, the group was attacked by treefolk with blowdarts. Although seeming harmless at first, a certain type of moss began to grow where the darts and hit skin, anchoring deep into the body and spreading no matter what you would do to it. Several days later the group was once again ambushed by vines and treefolk, trapping them and bringing all in the group to the temple. At the temple, the group was cured of the moss infection and taken to be interviewed by the oracle, Esmira. The oracle then gave the prophecy to the group, dying in the process.

Chasing the Prophecy Edit

Just before the Delegation left the Temple of Mianamon, Rachel Woodruff was attacked by an acolyte working with Maldor, Kalia. Rachel survived the attempted assassintion, with Kalia killing herself with poisonous needle infected with giantsbane. The group quickly departed Mianamon with a bucket of orantium spheres encased in a special goo, so the orantium would not crack, and if it did, it would not detonate. The Delegation lef Mianamon and soon the jungle as well just a few days later, after Jason Walker and Corinne encountered a Sonalid and Dagamond, which departed after being attacked bt Farfalee and Bahoosta, one of the Delegations Treefolk guides.

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