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"The Tavern-Go-Round put us on the map. Back when maps were legal."

The Tavern-Go-Round was a spinning tavern in the town of Flet. The tavern is powered by a deep underground river,

spinning as fast or as slow as the river goes. The man running the tavern, Kerny, pulled Jason and Rachel inside the tavern. Inside of the tavern was a kitchen and a large common area with a circular bar in the center. Table and chairs were fixed to the floor to prevent from falling over and rafters were strewn with glowing kelp to provide a turquoise radiance. Jason and Rachel met Tark, a musician and sole survivor of the Giddy Nine, near the outer wall of the tavern, where the pull is greatest. Jason was able to convince Tark out of a state of deep depression, convincing him that he was, in fact, the hero Lyrian needed.