The Telkron River is a major river in West Lyrian. The river originates in either Lake Jessop, near Whitelake and

the Sunken Lands, or both of those locations. The Telkron River flows just north of Trensicourt, Fortaim, the Repository of Learning, and Outpost Point, and splits the Western Peninsula in half, with the Giants and Outpost point to the north of the river, and Fortaim and the Repository of Learning to the south.

Landmarks Edit

Some landmarks of and near the rive include

A World Without Heroes Edit

When Jason Walker first came to Lyrian he landed near the Telkron River. After finding and following Hermie, Jason found out about the Giddy Nine. The Giddy Nine were on a raft floating down the Telkron towards Monument Falls. After Jasons failed rescue attempt, the Giddy Nine, except for Tark, continued down the river and plunged down Monument Falls. Fortaim and the Repository of Learning lied only a few miles south of the river.

Seeds of Rebellion Edit

After returning to Lyrian a second time, summoned by Tark, Jason found Tark floating down the Telkron with his new sousalax, intent on going down the Falls to join the rest of the Giddy Nine. It was here where Tark pledged his loyalty to Jason and found out that the Giddy Nine had summoned Jason from the Beyond. Tark then instructed Jason that a torivor was following him and that he should head north toward Ithilum, through the woods inhabited by Giants, to find Aram the smuggler.

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