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Not to be confused with Kingdom of Trensicourt.

For information on Trensicourts politics, see Kingdom of Trensicourt.

Trensicourt is a well-known city in Lyrian. Trensicourt was located north of the Purga River and Dilrich, south of the Telkron River and Riverton, west of Lake Jessop, and east of Carning. Trensicourt is the capital city of the Kingdom of Trensicourt.

The Road to Trensicourt

The steep road leading to Treniscourt was paved with red square stones. The road is supported by ingeniously constructed abutments braced against the face of the plateau. The road was wide enough for large wagons to pass each other without bothering the foot traffic progressing along the railed walkways on either side of the road.

The City

Trensicourt stood on a plateau across a lush green valley full of farmland and crisscrossed with rivers. Trensicourt ran along the brink of the plateau. The city had square guard towers spaced at increments along the mighty granite wall with the road doubling back and forth between the city and valley. Behind the great wall, there rose the tops of many buildings, some tops were flat, some domed, and some were gabled. Overshadowing it all were the lofty towers of a proud and mighty castle with class and gilded spires. The city had multiple gates, all of which closed at sundown. Behind the walls were cobblestone streets lined with tall, closely packed buildings. In one area of the city, and possibly others, there stood a fountain at the center of a square with an upturned mouth spouting out water from a man carrying armfuls of fish, water also spouted from the mouths of the fish. Trensicourt was divided into multiple districts one of which was known as the fleabed.


Only one district is known of in Trensicourt. The Fleabed. The Fleabed was a poor district filled with filthy alleys and streets. The buildings of the fleabed looked like poorly stacked boxes and ready to fall, most had boarded up windows. The fleabed is also where Nicholas Dangler dwelt. In the only solid building there.

Heroes Square

A great square near the castle in Trensicourt was renamed to 'Heroes Square' after the war with Felrook. It included statues more than twice the height of the actual people, and were made from the finest sculptors in all of Lyrian. Heroes Square included statues of Rachel Woodruff, Jason Walker, Galloran, Corinne, Farfalee, Jasher, Aram, Kerick, Halco, Andrus, Dellisa, and Nollin. Members of the Delegation who lived. Those from the Delegation who died were represented on the other side of the square. They included Io, Nia, Raz, Dorsio, Nedwin, Drake, Tark, and Ferrin. Ferrin held his smiling head in one of his hands. The sculptors said it made his heritage as a displacer obvious, but Galloran insisted on it for that very idea.


For a long time, Trensicourt was ruled by a king. But, after King Dromadus died, and with all of his heirs either dead or exiled, the form of government changed, with a chancellor and regent running the kingdom. The first chancellor was Coppernum, and the first regent was Dolan. They ruled until Lord Jason of Caberton bested Coppernum in a challenge. Their rule was officially ended when the exiled Prince Galloran, the only surviving son of Dromadus, returned and claimed his birthright as King of Trensicourt.