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  • Bio Somewhere is the person I want to be, and he is laughing at me.
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This is my favorite series ever. I want to add more info to this website. I also hope to rise up in the ranks.

Every Hero in World Without Heroes Before Jason, and How They're Each Broken

  • Galloran- blind, feeble-minded, feeble-bodied
  • Nedwin- tortured and grafted upon
  • Tursock-dead
  • Lawson-dead
  • Alek- dead
  • Malak- dead
  • Nicholas of Rosbury- maimed, reputation destroyed
  • Jasher- exiled
  • Rodolpho-dead
  • Malar- body stuck at bottom of the sea
  • Drake- death pies
  • Bokar the Invincible- too fat to move
  • Tristan- Harthenham
  • Giddy Nine- unable to play in public
  • Corinne- stuck in tree
  • Jugard- stuck in cave
  • Trivett- stuck on island
  • Pythoness- dead
  • Esmira- in hiding
  • Darian the Seer- dead, biding time
  • Orruck- mutated
  • Zokar- dead
  • Eldrin- dead
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