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Windbreak Island is an island that is home to the Celestine Library and previously the Maumet.


Windbreak Island is an island in the Inland Sea that has steep cliffs on the northwestern side and several long sandbars to the southwest. It has forests, jagged hills, sand, and shorebirds.

Chasing The Prophecy

Caution: Spoilers for Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy (Book 3)

Jason, Corinne, Aram, Farfalee, and Jasher, Drake, Heg, Nia, Ux, Zoo, and other drinlings sailed to Windbreak Island from Durna to access the Celestine Library and find the location of Darian the Pyromancer. Windbreak Island was inhabited by The Maumet, an abomination made by Zokar which can change into any material it touches. When the groups ship was about 100 yards from the shore, The Maumet walked out to the sand. Aram, Jasher, Ux, Zoo and three other drinlings went ashore and approached The Maumet. Jasher cut off a hand from the Maumet, who quickly reformed it, losing a bit of mass consequently. Aram and the group retreated to The Valiant. Jason realized that they could bring orantium in a bucket of goo and see if The Maumet would touch and transform into it. Sure enough, The Maumet transformed into orantium and blew itself up. Jason and the group proceeded onto the island and into The Celestine Library. Jason found a guide named Bactrus, who leads the group to a ancient scroll in Petruscan, which directs them to The Fuming Waste. Jasher receives news of six ships on their way from the northeast, so the group departs to the southwest on The Valiant.