Not to be confused with Wizatch.

Wizatch liver is a rare delicacy in Lyrian. The food itself is from a Wizatch, a small, three-tailed rodent that only ate cheeseblossom nectar, which is normally poisonous to most organisms. However, as the wizatch's liver became saturated with the nectar, the nectar underwent a change, no longer being poisonous. The liver is usually eaten raw. It was served as a delicacy at Harthenham.

Description Edit

Wizatch liver is just smaller than the thumb of a normal person's hand. It is beige in color and tasted creamy and rich, like sweetened vanilla with a hint of cheese and banana.

Introduction Edit

Wizatch liver was first introduced in Harthenham after Jason's arrival to the castle. It was presented as the opening of Deseret for Jasons Welcoming Feast.

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